05 October 2007

One down nine hundred ninety thousand to go...

Hiya folks, started this entry this past Sunday night (October 1st) but was too wiped out to polish it up and post it. Much has happened between then and now and I still don't have the energy to improve the post so I am just sticking it on the blog as is, hope you can forgive me.

Faced one of my petty little fears tonight. Jumped a minor hurdle. Went and saw a show all by myself. A little gig up the street at a place called The Village to see a band recommended by one of my best friends. (thanks A.)

Saw Old Crow Medicine Show and they did not disappoint. It's too late and I am too tired to give a whole review but these old time troubadours were amazing. Part folk, part americana, part blue grass they played a combo of originals and covers...including a foot-stomping version of Woodie Guthrie's 'Union Maid.'
"Oh you can't scare me I'm sticking to the union, I'm sticking to the union, I'm sticking to the union..."

Another highlight was 'Wagon Wheel' (playing on the blog now.) OCMS are masters of their string instruments and their vocal stylings. I got treated to some really amazing harmonies and most of the five group members had such a strong voice they could each carry a song. I like it when a band has more than one vocal talent on tap, makes for a more varied and interesting show.

The place was full and the crowd was SO into these guys; the energy was pretty amazing. I started out trying to worm my way up front but it was SO packed up there so I didn't get far and I didn't stay long. Was still in middle of it when the band started playing and the three or four guys behind me were apparently their BIGGEST fans cause they were singing every word to every song at the top of their lungs. If I had spent the whole show near them I'd still have no idea what OCMS sound like. At first I was charmed by their youthful enthusiasm and vigorous support until that led to them spilling beer all over me as they dragged their tall and equally enthusiastic friends up in front of me. Now I could neither hear nor see the band I had come to watch. That's when I fled the scene.

Fortunately The Village is pretty tiny and just behind the chaos up front the crowd was older and better behaved and I got to enjoy the show comfortably. Nobody got all up in my dance space...ya know what I mean?

Anyway - it was a great show AND I conquered a fear, not bad for a Sunday night - eh? Dublin's got a pretty good music scene with venues large and small and lots of acts coming through so maybe now that I've broken that barrier I'll be seeing more live shows, one of my all time favorite activities.

Here's what the inside of the venue looks like (not my photo, not the show I attended.)

p.s. thanks to ann, alli and julia for inspiring my boldness, whether they realized it or not.

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meg said...

old crow medicine show has a really nice fun sound, i'm still humming to the the melody as i write this...love you guys and kudos to over coming fears!