31 October 2007

All Hallow's Eve

Heard some strange noises coming in the window.
I head to the balcony to investigate.
Was it rain? No...not exactly. Traffic? Nah.
Huge, blazing bonfire? Yup!! That's it!!

Happy Halloween y'all.
I feel like I am in that movie The Crow and it's Devil's Night and Detroit is burning
and Brandon Lee is going to come swooping down off some rooftop
and onto my balcony and kick over a bunch of candles with his big clunky black boots
and his sweeping leather trench coat and his blackbird sidekick
will send the dust bunnies in my apartment swirling
as he stomps through to kick some badass butt.

Ok. Maybe my imagination is running away with me.

Anyway it's 10 p.m. on Halloween night
and nary a trick-or-treater to be seen.
So I am halfway through the candy I bought
in the event that we did have any kids in costumes
and I continue to watch the fire burn.
Happy Halloween indeed.


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