04 April 2008

Dublinfest !

by Chris

The biggest college lacrosse tournament of the year, Dublinfest, ended yesterday. It was a big success for the UCD Lacrosse program. The Men's A-team went undefeated the first two days but lost to Nottingham University in the semi-finals. The Men's B-team went 3-4 losing to the UCD-A team in the quarter finals. The girls team, although shorthanded, played great ending up in third place after two days but losing in the quarter-finals to Manchester University.

The UCD men's team entered two squads in the tournament racking up a combined record of 6 wins 4 losses and 1 tie. A great showing considering most of the guys are first year players.

The girls team played 5 games and went 2-3 narrowly losing the quarter-final game 3-5

Dublinfest is just an excuse for the English kids to come to Dublin and party. The UCD kids were very well behaved during the tournament, but as soon as the games were over on Day 3 they cut loose.

As you can see from the picture above, many of the teams are just there to have fun.

The UCD guys like to drink beer and dance on the sidelines of other peoples games.

After 7 months of practices & games the UCD kids played extremely well. They made their coach very proud.

Our teams tournament MVP had to be our goalie, Kevin Quinn who only started playing lacrosse 4 months ago, but played as goalie for both UCD men's teams during the tournament ! He played in 13 games in 3 days...holy moly !

After the Championship game, where Nottingham beat Munich, my UCD knuckleheads charged onto the field to bring beer to the German guys...and help them celebrate a great tournament. Video below.

While the team who won the tournament was taking their team picture before heading back to England, The Irish kids thanked them for coming and gave them a warm sendoff.
Video below.


Anonymous said...

I think I recognized someone from the second video.

DJ said...

Super, fantastic, brilliant.. Sorry, but can't seem to find the word with the right fit. :-)

Great job to all the UCD/Dub lads, and to Coach Chris. Big ups to Moffett!! Way to take them on boyo! I always knew you played both ways...