30 April 2008

More pics from Prague

by Chris
Ahh Prague...what a great trip.

Here is Mike aka Bingo at the opening ceremonies...drinking beer just before I pantsed him in front of several hundred people.

You can tell by the picture below that the Dublin Team means business ! Kinda..

Did I mention they had acts/groups performing in between games and at halftime ?

Its like every dance group in the Czech Republic was there !

Our Team captain and Trip Coordinator Sean Gibson (click his name to check out his blog) had a great tournament. Setting the tone early with two jumping-from-behind-the-cage goals in our first game.

He also took every face off for our team and on the All-Star team.... I don't want to inflate his ego too much so lets remember that he's still a cherry picker that doesnt get back on defense or listen to his coach unless the coach says "Ignore all your teammates Superstar, do whatever you want then take a shot"

Regardless of SuperStar Gibson's shortcomings, he is an All-Star...as the trophy they gave him says.

Ok the picture below shows what a team looks like

Notice the difference on the Dublin Bench ? 2 SUBS !

This is what an English Team looks like...weird huh ?

The other Offensive weapon Dublin brought to the tournament was Matt Walsh...or as the announcer pronounced it mattValsh

Bingo and Chris...reunited and it feeeeelllsss so gooodd (sing the song in your head)

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