01 April 2008

You know how I feel...

Ever have a day (or a week) that you've just about written off? Maybe you have stayed up too late watching crap TV, then you slept too late? You feel like a lazy slug. Maybe you've eaten lots of junk recently and feel a bit sloth-like? Maybe your hormones are playing you for a fool. Maybe you just need an eyebrow wax. Maybe you've got the winter doldrums, maybe you miss someone or someplace, maybe your boss or friend or teacher or partner has been an ass? Maybe you found another gray hair? Maybe you are sad for no explicable reason, but life seems a bit bleak nonetheless.

You might even know this will pass, but knowing doesn't take the blue meanies away.

And THEN......The World says, "Ahem. I don't THINK so. Stop the pity party and look at how wonderful I am!!"
(that's still The World speaking, not me.)

The World might also give you a message like this:

'Cause YOU ARE!!!!
Even if you have a few blemishes and can't seem to quit mayonnaise, you are FABULOUS! And to prove it to you - The World gives you sunshine on early daffodils.

Next thing you know you are giddy with how good life is. You have done a complete one-eighty. Every little thing you see makes you happy and glad to be alive.
Irish flag, blue sky and sliver of moon - YES!!!
That's beeee-yooo-tiful!!!

From there you decide to embrace the gorgeous day and take a walk. See what else is on offer....

The beautiful, the silly, the ridiculous and the mundane have all got a hold on you now. You can't stop smiling. You can't stop appreciating those little gems life has put in front of you, the kind you might not ordinarily notice.

Crocuses. In February.
Mixing in with the grass, like nobody would notice.
"Ain't nobody here but us colorful blades of grass.
No need to mow here"

Signs. Do you have an affinity for silly signs?
As if anyone would swim in this soup?
Though there has been the occasional fisherman spotted so who knows what people will get up to. Silly people!!! But you love them, don't you?? In all their messy glory.

Sitting on a statue's lap, drinking cans of beer at 1pm. Love 'em!!!

You see the ambition and optimism of flowers on a front stoop in February and your heart feels warm.

You see beauty behind the ugly. The promise behind broken glass. And so do other people. Ain't life grand?

Even the trash in the canal look all glittery in the sunshine. Like so many swimming fish.

Gargoyles on church towers.
A flowering tree.

With enough pink and white blossoms...

...to get lost in for a while.This day is driving around with the top down, making a child laugh, eating the exact thing you're craving. This day is flying a kite.
This day is a gift.
You can't remember the last time you were bemused by reflections.

You will have another blue day, maybe soon. But in the meantime....
The whimsy of the human spirit will leave you giggling.

Poetry on park benches will make you weep in happy commiseration.

Watching a pair of mallards will be enough to send you into gales of laughter. You will take a hundred pictures. This is joy.

Maybe you are having a hard time cutting down on your cheese intake. Maybe wine too. How can that possibly matter?

Go home and have a butter sandwich for all The World cares.

Ever have a day like that?



Anonymous said...

Loved it......describes many of my days lately.....miss you guys terribly! I am going to go eat a butter sandwich now.
XOXOXO from sunny Tampa, Florida

Anonymous said...

I am not a "Blogger"....they asked me for a name...any suggestions?

Alli Arnold said...

Shirl, you are a poet for realz.
This will inspire my tomorrow.
Shirl NYC

Becky said...

You have inspired my tomorrow too Kel. Its all about taking time to appreciate the world around us. Good work, loved this!

Anonymous said...

Amazing writing, as usual. Really loved this one. It's never too late to start your day over, positive attitude changes everything, put gratitude in your attitude!!! (wonder where I picked these up? tee hee!) Put your words to use girl and make money with them. You can you know! Write down on a piece of paper right now----I will make money somehow with my writing--and go put it in your underwear drawer. You are now on your way to making it happen!!! love you,

Kelly & Chris said...

What exactly is the power of the underwear drawer? I don't deny its magic - just wonder where it comes from?


p.s. thanks for saying lovely things :)

Anonymous said...

ahh the road to enlightenment, sometimes you get off the path then fall through the forest crashing through trees, squirrels, bear poop and rocks landing face first.... right on the road to elightenment.

Anonymous said...

The power of the underwear drawer?? I think to me it equates with privacy, something we never had growing up. You have to have one place that's secret and OH NO, my secret is now out!!! Now what, somehow a sock drawer just doesn't do it for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, something else I wanted to say about this particular post of yours. It brought back a memory of me walking on the boardwalk in long beach on a gorgeous, warm, spring day, listening to some cool tunes on my i-pod and feeling such at one with the universe and loving everyone and everything that I was just walking with my arms outstretched and just smiling and being cool with it all. Mmmmmmmmmmm, love that feeling and love to pull it back whenever i want. Ei