15 February 2009

11 years of wedded bliss...

Happy Valentine's my dear people.

Valentine's Day is not just another media and market driven holiday for yours truly - it also marks the anniversary of my marriage vows to Mr. Blogger (aka Chris.)

A while back the Victorians parlayed an obscure saint into a quaint ritual. Fast forward a hundred years or so and you'll find the Hallmark Greeting Card Company taking that sweet idea to the bank. By cramming it so full of inflated expectations and pressure, they've spoiled a whole month for half the western world.

Alas! The Hub and I fought back and choose that day to be wedded so that the world may have something else to celebrate.
Don't say we never gave you nothing.
Friday your weary working blogger arrived home at 6pm to find the annual nuptial celebrations in full swing. Candlelight, a French chanteur piping out the speakers, wine, roses and dinner in the oven. Lucky girl having such a romantic husband, n'est-ce pas?

Starter of goats cheese and caramelized onion tart. Mmmmmmm. Main meal consisted of chicken breast stuffed with cheese and cream and haricot vert (that's fancy French speak for green beans -seemed a more romantic choice of words.) A lovely side of steamed green veggies topped with parmesan shavings. Sigh...this girl was in heaven.

So there I was, cramming my face full of cheesey chicken and yummy greens, swilling it all down with a lovely Malbec, thinking life couldn't get any better, when The Hub whips out a bag from the best named store in the world.

I am a woman of simple pleasures and just knowing there was a jewelry store out there with such an excellent name would have been gift enough for me. Plus I am rather fond of small shopping bags - they come in so handy don't they?
But surprise surprise! The knowledge and the sack were not the end of my pleasure, this gorgous Spanish beaded necklace was inside! Oh happy day!

It really is lovely, isn't it? And it looks quite fetching on, I might add.

So - that was how my fella kick-started our weekend and it just got better and better. We ate out on Saturday night at my favorite restaurant. Happiness is a table full of Lebanese tappas - and I got to pick all the dishes! A word of advice to the young folks out there - wedded bliss has got an awful lot to do with yummy food. Now it is Sunday evening and we are wrapping things up here with a home cooked meal by my own self and whatever gritty cop drama we can find on the telly.

Hope you all enjoyed our anniversary weekend as much as we did.


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Happy Anniversary guys!