11 February 2009

Let it snow

Dublin only averages 4 days of snow a year and it rarely sticks. Last year there were zero snow events. This year we've had 6 or so and one day last week, it was crazy with the snow !

and of course....it was before and during Monday night lacrosse practice !

So there was a break in the snow before practice, it was kind of neat considering we don't get much snow. The Irish love talking about the weather, so new topic....snow!

Halfway through practice it started to snow again.


It got to the point of being ridiculous...especially considering we use white lacrosse balls.

UCD coaching staff freezing their asses off (Chris, Mike & Pam)


Anonymous said...

man i bet it was hard to see you use a white ball and abunch of pasty white guys

Chris said...

Gee I wonder who made this anonymous post?

Retarded content + poor sentence structure + no punctuation + spelling errors = Michael "Bingo" Reid