17 February 2009

Göttingen III

My third trip to Göttingen to coach the Grasshoppers, this time for 10 days.

I'm staying in the same apartment, the yellowish building, all the way up top. (those two white windows behind the tree)

I'm a prisoner in the attic !

Its a small apartment, but its a great location right across the street from the University.

Its a quick walk downtown, only 10 minutes if I cut through the campus.

Its cold here now, 30 degrees, but not too bad. Downtown here is much more calm now that the Christmas Market has packed up shop.

All the nifty old buildings are still here, including this one below Kelly pointed out to me last time we were here.

The central meeting place or "the Navel" with its statue.

and of course the famous statue of the girl with the goose, the Gänseliesel

Team organizer and girls team captain Anjulie pointed this little marker to me, its a plaque on the ground where you can actually see all 4 old churches from...or at least the tops of them over the buildings.

Like this one....

I went shopping today for some food and decided that I need to drop about 5 pounds, so I'm gonna drink a lot of broth....

in this particular case, clear broth

I also got mustard for my sandwiches...ahhh german mustard, who loves ya Mustard ? Me thats who.

...and it comes in a recyclable friendly tube that minimizes waste. Clever Germans.

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Rebecca Steinorth said...

Ah yes, the girl and the goose. Looks so charming, say hello to my peeps!!!