08 February 2009

Brian, The Children and The Ferret Nation

The best part of our Florida trip was seeing the kids. They're getting big...but not so big I cant do a push up with Jimmy surfing my back !

I tried with Allison on my back and I almost pulled a muscle.... then Brian tried to ambush me and jump on....that would have surely killed me.

Something I also had to see for myself were the reports coming in about a ferret plague that has hit my brothers house.

The reports were correct....holy crap, they have a lot of ferrets !

10 to be exact. When the Cathi had to move recently the kid's ferrets had to go home with them.

Yeah, yeah they're cute and all that...but geez 10 ?

The kids love them of course. Their names are Chad, Evelyn, Binky, Buck, Jerry, Olivia, Ace, Joaquin, Steve and Beauregard.

Ok thats not their real names.

I gave Genius Jack all the change from my backpack. He first separated the US from the non-US currency, then classified them by country of origin and size. Then he showed me on the globe where each one was from. Pretty smart for a 1st Grader huh! I wonder which grade he'll choose to skip ?

I guess thats what you can expect when their father is a Guitar Hero !

Rock on Florida Arnolds ! Rock on !


Alli Arnold said...

Aww, man!

You guys had fun with the kids! I was so impressed that they had a ferret named JOAQUIN. LOL! And Jack has a "new" smile. I like! Everyone looks great...I miss all y'all.

xoxo AA

Anonymous said...

really 10 ? Michael would kill to have 1 ferret. However his new desire is to gat a Sugar Glider for a pet. Check them out on you tube.
Cute but NO WAY!
Love, Helen
Kepp the kid stories and pics coming. Love 'em!

Brian Arnold said...

I am the ferret master.
I am the guitar hero.
I am the walrus.
I am....
I am.

Brian Arnold said...

Look at Jimmy surf on that WHALE's back WOW !! What an ugly, big, funny looking, Irish Whale !! Go Jimmy Go !
It's a carpet whale !! How rare indeed. It's one of them visiting Irish Lacrosse whales ! Quick, jump on it's back ! They're tame and slow moving ! LOL LOL Bwahahahahahaha