16 September 2009

Daytrip to Hungary

Sopron, Hungary, just 70km from Vienna, is a cheap and easy day trip. We decided on a quick trip to Sopron on Sunday for lunch even though most of the shops would be closed. It was nice walking around the old city on a quite Sunday.

We wandered around the city of 30,000, picturing what it would be like if anything was open and debating the many choices in restaraunts....and then we saw Attila's...seemed like a no brainer.

What to order ? Another no brainer....Gulash...and the local beer. Delicious !

Sopron was home to one of the pivotal moments of the cold war, the Pan European Picnic in 1989 which basically started the fall of the Iron Curtain.

There is a nice cold war / border display in Sopron which was neat to see. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Picnic and the opening of the borders. Its hard to believe that its been 20 years....back then I was a 19 yr old soldier, patrolling the German / Czech border....how times have changed for us all !

Thanks Hungary, we'll be back next month when we visit Budapest !

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