05 September 2009

Welcome to Vienna, here are your rubber gloves...

When last we checked in on our intrepid heroine she was frantically preparing for a move to Austria. Well folks, she arrived. And promptly had a nervous breakdown. Never fear - you can't keep our plucky girl down for long....
Forty years of nicotine grunge coats all and there are stains in this apartment older than I am. And I know this will come as a surprise to many of you, but I am not a young girl.

Alas, sensing my need, Vienna put on her best dress last Sunday morning and took me out on the town.
Vienna, baby, what can I say about you? How do I make people understand why you captured my heart so quickly? Grandeur coming out the wazoo. Farmers' markets large and small. Hidden little cobblestoned pockets. More sidewalk caf├ęs than you can shake a stick at. Museums galore. Groovy neighborhoods next to funky neighborhoods nestled in beside grand old dames. And mass transit to put it all within reach.

And thus it wasn't long until "Uhoh, what have I done?" became "Life is goooood!" Zero to 60 in three short days.

So we barely have two nickels to rub together? Who cares.
So we have to take a bath together cause there's no shower and only enough hot water to fill the tub once? Big deal!
So our place is like stepping through a time-warp back to 1968? Ha! I scoff at the challenges of decorating Brady-style. Mid-century modern will have never looked so good once I am through with this joint.

'Nuff said.


p.s. I would be remiss if I did not mention all the very hard work the Vienna Cherokees lacrosse team (men & women) put into getting this place into livable condition. Sure, it needs work, but by the time we arrived they had it in a thousand times better shape than they found it. I shudder to think of the size and scope of my mental breakdown had I moved into in that condition. I am in their debt (large lasagna dinner in the works.)

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tina haltigan said...

1968 was a good year..haha. So is Ikea close to you Kel???