19 November 2009

Advertising Gone Wrong

This advert is up all over Vienna, larger than life. It doesn't make me want to eat so much as run screaming in the opposite direction. I admit to being more than a little afraid of this lady. If this poster were three dimensional I could fit my whole torso in her mouth. She's HUGE. I worry that sandwich may just be the appetizer and the monster will be setting her sites on me next. I wouldn't be surprised if there were live kittens on that sandwich!

Take a closer look. Does this make you want to eat anything? You want some of whatever she's about to devour? And what the hell is that thing she's going to cram into her gaping maw?

Looks like a piece of bread on a roll. That's not going to satisfy the appetite of a fifty foot woman.

Read the billboard and we see it's actually a leberkäsesemmel, which translates as liver-cheese sandwich.

Mmmmm. Giganta like.



Anonymous said...

I really had to laugh at this post ;-) That ad is actually a word-play, because the woman is a well known cook and her last name is "Wiener" and she also stems from Austria :-) But, yes at this size she might be a bit scary ;-) I personally like "Leberkäse" (I looked it up in an online dictionary: "A type of meat loaf popular in Germany and Austria!" - nothing to do with liver though) - you should try it!
Greets from Germany


Kelly said...

Mari - thanks for reading! I sort of knew leberkase wasn't really liver & cheese, but sometimes (rarely) my language struggle can be funny and I exploit that any chance I get. Working on my German, but it's going slowly (langsam?) Maybe I can use your blog as practice!

Anonymous said...

Yap, langsam is the right word! And I´d be happy, if you would have some fun with my postings, as I have it with yours ;-) And if I can help with any language struggles, please tell me!!