27 November 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Jackie !

If you look up Great Aunt in the dictionary, it says :

Great Aunt - (noun)
1. A sister of ones grandparent

I reject this for being too plain. This doesn't do justice to my Aunt Jackie, so therefore I am rewriting this definition.

Great Aunt (noun)
1. A sister of ones grandparent

2. A relative you can always count on, no matter what

3. A source of neverending support

4. A bottomless well of love, affection and kindness

5. A photographer who has amassed 3,784,502 pictures....many blurry

6. The person who knows EVERYONES name, birthday, middle name and relation to each other and can clear up any misunderstanding while making coffee for 14 people at the same time.
"Aunt Jack, cousin so-and-so and I were just talking, how are we related ?"

7. The hostess with the mostest.

8. The one person you know who is ALWAYS happy to see you

Anyone who has met Aunt Jack has been inspired by her compassion, awed by her graciousness, impressed by her energy and humbled by her faith.

Today we celebrate her birthday.

Happy Birthday Aunt Jackie.


Tina Haltigan said...

Aunt Jackie is very sweet. I am lucky to have met her. Happy Birthday Aunt Jackie!!!

Laura said...

Awesome Job Chris!! Well said, and every bit true. Thanks for adding to her day. She was beyond surprised and so grateful to see everyone. Just what you would expect from our Aunt Jackie. My love to you and Kelly, and thanks to my kids for being the tech crew. Enjoy your few days off. Laura

Janice A. said...

Chris.. I think this is probably one of the nicest birthday gifts that you aunt will receive. Especially nice to be so highly thought of and to be told in such a wonderful way. So you not only funny but thoughtful and sensitive. He is a keeper Kelly.

Chris said...

Thanks Janice.

If everyone had an Aunt Jackie, the world would be a better place...she's the best.

As for Kelly keeping me, she has no choice in the matter any more. She's stuck with me.