03 November 2009

Bratislava Mama

After arriving and spending a few days in Venice (post coming soon), Mom came up to Wien (Vienna) for a week where we had also planned a few side trips. One trip she hadn't planned on making was to Bratislava in Slovakia. It's only 45 minutes from our house by train so we made it a day trip.

Bratislava is charming and although it is being developed rapidly, it still has the Eastern Europe / Cold War feel. It has a beautiful old city with lots to see. We got there early on a Saturday morning and it was a ghost town until Noon.

One of the quirkier things about Bratislava are the many statues they have popping out of man hole covers, sitting on benches...or in this case peering around corners.

We also got to see the skinniest house in Eastern Europe...which is now a clock museum.

It rained a little bit on us, but the worst was when we got swallowed up by a tour group !

We ended the day with a climb up to the Castle, but only made it halway before we had to head back down so I could catch my train to practice. Mom was not disappointed ! It was a heck of a climb.

I'll also take this opportunity to say that my Mom walked all over everywhere we went with nary a complaint....she's a trooper !

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Mama!
xo Aa