06 November 2009

Mom goes back to her roots

One side trip we had to make while Mom was in Vienna, was back to Hungary where her grandparents came from almost 100 years ago.

We don't know where they exactly came from (still looking into that), but we do know it was probably Western or North Western Hungary....so off to Sopron we went.

Kelly and I had been to Sopron a month or so ago on a Sunday, and everything was closed. We were looking forward to seeing everything open this time....but NO !

It was 1956 Uprising Anniversary Day...a National Holiday....everything was closed...again !

Undeterred, we wandered around and showed Mom this very cute, little, old city. We visited the memorial to the Cold War and the Iron Curtain (20th anniversary of the borders opening)

Mom thought the Soviet Era cars, theTrabant, were cute...so I had to stop Kelly from putting it in her purse.

and, OF COURSE, we went to Attila's for Gulasch.

The waiter did everything but roll his eyes when he asked for our orders and one by one we all said "hmmmmmm I'll have the Gulasch"

It was freakin' delicious...yummy yum yum

We walked around the old town and had a grand ol time.

Mom and Kelly got tired of posing for pictures, so they decided on action shots.

Here they are pointing at a tower. Exciting, right ?

Sopron has all kind of nifty nooks and crannies.

This store sign had us humming tunes from Mary Poppins

and then of course, there was this

Follow the Yellow Brick Curb. Follow the Yellow Brick Curb.
Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow the Yellow Brick Curb.

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