12 November 2009

Mama at Schönbrunn Palace

We couldn't have Mom in Vienna and not take her to Schönbrunn Palace. The former Imperial summer residence of the Hapsburgs.

As far as palaces go....its pretty sweet.We took our time and avoided the big groups. You're not allowed to take pictures in the palace....but I had to snap a few.

Below, Mom listens to the audio guide while I take a stealthy picture.

We found ourselves pretty much alone in the main ball room, so it was a good opportunity for another stealthy pic. This room has obviously held some very important events and had some famous visitors. Besides the Hapsburgs, and every VIP in Europe for hundreds of years, Napoleon lived here when he occupied Vienna, twice.

In 1961 Kennedy & Khrushchev held their summit in this room. Pretty neat.

Luckily it was a beautiful day as Schönbrunn has some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.

There are English Gardens, French Gardens, a 250 yr old Orangerie, a Maze, 32 giant sculptures of deities, a botanical garden, and the world's oldest zoo(1752).

and beautiful views....like this one.

The garden axis points towards a 60 meters higher hill, which is crowned by the Gloriette.
Built in 1775, it was designed to glorify Hapsburg power.

Moms love Palaces...and Moms love Gardens...perfect !

We couldn't see all the gardens, they're just too big !

We did get a good sampling though...its a really great place to just stroll around.

and people watch...

then, we stumbled upon another one of the Gardens attractions.

The Palm House.

Built in the 1880's, the giant Victorian style greenhouses are home to thousands of varieties of plants, mostly tropical.

For a few bucks you can wander around and check them all out.

The structures themselves are incredible.

When we got to the Orchids, Mom said "ohhhhh I love Orchids...but every one I touch dies"

MOM ! Don't kill the Imperial Orchid Collection ! back away from the orchids.

We had a nice time.

Before we headed back to the house, I asked Mom if she wanted to stop for lunch maybe a Falafel Pita ? She then informed me "I've never had Falafel"

Well now she has.

(no orchids were harmed during the making of this vacation)

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! Mom sure had some adventure (topped off with a nice falafel!!!)

xo Aa