20 September 2007

Can you tell?

Can you tell I am dragging my feet on finishing up the "Alli Visits" blogging to keep the spirit of her visit alive? In order to prolong the fun and prevent the post-visitor depression from kicking in full steam I'm doling out the good times and the memories in small doses.

Anyhow, Alli never had a little sister so she's not familiar with the phenomenon of telling a little sister to go do something goofy and then seeing her do it!!
So even though I am older than Shirl (old enough looking to be her mother according to one cheeky fella in Paris - but thats a whole 'nother story) I fulfilled my lifelong role of little sister and did whatever she told me to....and let her take pictures. Sometimes even movies!!

Of course I am always appalled by the results on film and swear never to let it happen again, only to find myself hamming it up for the camera again and again. Here are just a few results.

At TopShop....Shirl had to see me in this one. I must admit I kind of liked it.
Shirl dressed me up as a Mary Kate Olsen look-alike. What you don't know is that I actually have the other Olsen twin in the bag.
Shirl A: "Go be a gorilla."
Chris: "No way!!"
Shirl K: "Okay!"

This was supposed to be a video of me crab-walking around on the grass next to the Eiffel tower, but we were laughing so hard I couldn't really pull it off.
And lest you think you've read that wrong....you didn't. I was CRAB-WALKING around the grass in PARIS. Paris, FRANCE.

(If you wanna hear the sound on these vids, you may wanna stop the music playing at the top right of the blog. Not that there's much to hear, just Shirl giving me direction and us laughing our asses off...and the oh-so-silent sound of Chris being completely mortified.)

Good times at the market.
Man, that thing could turn on a dime!!
(Hope this vid doesn't cause a crick in your neck.)

No complaints about any of the above though. We had each other in stitches most of the time and I just wanna say Shirl - being your little sister, your sister-in-law, your big sister or your mother is just fine with me anytime. Love ya.

p.s. Alli's started her own blog, it's adorable and marvelous, as expected. Link is at right.


Anonymous said...

Seeing that video made me fill up Kel. I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you. It reminded me a little bit of the night you got caught in the sprinklers. I don't think I ever laughed so hard.
Btw, love the carts at the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Above is from Colleen. You would think my password would have come to me by now.

Alli Arnold said...


you got me. im verklempt. teary. touched.
i want a DO-OVER of my whole trip to ireland!!!!! and of course, paris.

im laughing and crying. i never really thought about it, but you nailed it: i am truly tickled anytime i tell you to do something (rediculous) and then you actually do it! on camera!!! there's nothing more fun than that!

you, me and a camera = hilarity ensues

thanks for this post. i feel loved and missed. thank you.

p.s. see you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

One of the absolute joys of my life is when I am sharing laughs with my sibs, whatever way we get to them hardly matters, as long as we get to them . The endorphins are just flying off the shelf when that happens.
Love, Helen