16 April 2010

In which I sing Spring's praises...

Spring has sprung and I am intoxicated. It's been years since I've lived in a four season world and I'd forgotten what spring fever truly felt like.

The sky is break-your-heart blue. I need SUNGLASSES to be outside. A month ago I was wearing a down parka and now sunshine warms my back. I shed layers as I walk in the sun, I am breezy cool in the shade. Outdoor cafés beckon.

Dead things coming alive, sprouting green shoots. "AHA!! We're not dead at all!! We were just PLAYING dead."

I've decided early spring flowers are my favorite (at least until I'm head-over-heels for May's lilacs or June's hydrangeas.)

Magnolia, dogwood, cherry blossom - exploding blooms and raining down petals when the wind stirs.

My blood is zinging and I can't suppress a smile.
I want to be out. I want to be about.
I take walks for no reason at all. I take walks to parks so I can take naps in parks. Spring has a lot for the taking.
A nap in the sunshine, with cherry blossoms fluttering down on me. Is there anything better?

Forsythia knows where I'm coming from. It is unabashedly optimistic, in your face, dare-you-to-not-smile JOYFUL. Forsythia is down with Spring.

Forsythia is not particularly beautiful, it's kind of messy and tries too hard. It comes early and ends early, but man! What a riot of golden blooms.

A harbinger of spring, second only to pussy-willows and crocuses. Forsythia is Spring's cheerleader and I am joining the squad.

I am just in love with Spring.

Yesterday was cold, rainy and damp. But you know what? That's alright with me. Spring giveth and Spring taketh away. I'm certain there will be more sunny days, green shoots and naps in the sunny park. It's the mother of all clichés, but Spring means hope and beauty, youth and promise, feeling alive and a bounce in your step. So I'm soaking up the good vibes and sending them out there, people. See if you can catch some - they'll be falling on your head like petals from a tree.


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Anonymous said...

Exactly how I feel and don't forget the lilies of the valley too. spring always makes me think of mommy and our backyard. And when I drive down Meadowbrook Parkway I always have to say "Oh look, the forsythia are in bloom" and I think of mom. she must have said that everytime. I love how one day everything is brown and grey and ugly and the next, the grass is green and there's color everywhere. Enjoy!