18 April 2010

Schloss Belvedere Needs a Gardener

According to my extensive research (consisting entirely of reading the first paragraph of a Wikipedia page,) Prince Eugene of Savoy [1663-1776] was one of the most prominent and successful military commanders in modern European history.

So it only stands to reason he had a pretty kick ass palace. Ladies and gents, I present to you Schloss Belvedere.

It's so kick-ass that it's got not one...

...but TWO palaces on the grounds. Lower Belvedere for winter living, and upper Belvedere for summer loving. If there's one thing I learned in history class, it's that an ass-kicking military genius prince who saved Vienna from invading Turks deserves a palatial home for each season.

Furthering Schloss Belvedere's ass-kickery are its groovy gardens.

Never ones to pass up a groovy garden viewing opportunity, Chris and I had a wander.

Things were not quite up to par.

WEEDS!! Wtf?

Being former gardening enthusiasts in a past life, we were appalled at the state of affairs. I wondered what Eugene would have made of all this?

I tried to find somebody in charge to talk to, maybe offer a little gardening advice (advance gardeningy stuff like "Pull the weeds" and "Trim the hedges.")

While Chris demonstrated his Edward Scissorhands technique.

All in all, it was a nice day out. We checked out the lobbies of the two palaces, each now being an entrance-fee-charging art museum (remind me to tell you about my Touring the Great Lobbies of Europe idea sometime.) We roamed the gardens and basked in their splendor, despite certain flaws. After all, Eugene had left the red carpet out for our visit, so the least we could do was forgive the visible blemishes and just enjoy the day.

Which we did.


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