14 April 2010

A Spring Morning

Vienna continues to give.

Woke up on a recent morning, bright sunshine and crisp air coming through the window. "Let's go out to breakfast honey."

Breakfast outdoors in the city center. Sunshine, people watching, yummy coffee, crusty bread and a plate full of hummus. Heaven.

The hub was quite satisfied with his "English Breakfast" though without a grilled tomato, rashers, sausages and baked beans it could hardly be mistaken for the real thing. I think to the Viennese mind any breakfast involving eggs and some kind of fried pork product constitutes an "English Breakfast." Not being a fried breakfast kind of girl, I couldn't give a fig.

Food was followed by a saunter in the sun, soaking up the rays and our pretty city. Vienna is a good place to amble without design. On this particular morning we passed by the Spanish Riding School, home to the famous Lipizzaner Stallions.

They live here and perform at the Hofburg palace across the street.

We stood and gawked for a while because horses are pretty.

Next thing you know the grooms began rounding fellas up from their stables...

...for the walk across the street to their practice space / performance hall.
Clip clop, clip clop across the cobblestones.

This fella wanted to talk to me but the groom said "A horse is a horse, of course of course, and nobody talks to a horse of course..." and led him away. Pity.

And that was the lovely little unexpected treat Vienna had in store for us on that day. I wonder what it will give us tomorrow?


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