03 April 2010


The Riesenrad is Vienna's famous ferris wheel. Built in 1897, damaged but not destroyed during WWII, and featured in a key scene of the film The Third Man - it's a Vienna icon. Clayton, Kerry and I took it for a spin while they visited.

Clayton soaks in the view...

...while Kerry photographs it for posterity.

Bird's eye view of The Prater amusement park.

I can literally see my house from here (long white buildings at the top left.)

World's largest erector set.

Bit of a hazy day for it, but the view of downtown is fairly impressive.

Perhaps the highlight of the ride was the cheesy photos they make you pose for before they let you on the wheel. We had no intention of buying one, but the results made us laugh so hard we changed our minds. Our amazing acting skills just naturally surfaced - look at us as we gaze up in wonder. (Also we are pretty sure the cagey photographer airbrushed the hell out of us so we looked all young and glowy. Smart sales technique.)

A silly little neat fun way to kill a half hour in Vienna and something I've been meaning to check out since moving here. C&K, thanks for being my guinea pigs.


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Alli Arnold said...

I LOVE the picture of C K and K. It's killing me. Good job!
xo Aa