05 April 2010

Protaras, Cyprus

Maybe you're thinking "Where the hell is Cyprus?"...well, lets consult the ol map.

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean (Sicily & Sardinia). Its tucked in the corner just south of Turkey and West of Syria.

Its been a favorite with UK sun worshipers for years, and the tourism business is boomin!

We got in around 10pm and immediately met up with travel partners Mike & Patrice from Dublin for a big dinner.

Typical Greek foods including Haloumi Cheese, Moussaka, Olives, Grilled Lamb and Chicken. The owner of the restaurant totally overdid it with the food, bringing items we didn't even order to make sure we got to taste everything. We were all bursting with delicious Greek food...and he gave us a free bottle of wine and free after dinner drinks as well. $65 for all 4 of us! Bargain!

A great start to a vacation!

In the morning we woke up to a warm & sunny Mediterranean day at the beautiful Capo Bay Beach Resort.

The Capo Bay Hotel is in Protaras on the South East coast of Cyprus about 40 minutes from the aiport in Larnaka.
Usually when Kelly & I travel we stay in 1 or 2 star hotels or more often a cheap hostel.

Not this time.....4 stars baby! Luxurious!

The hotel puts on a very nice buffet breakfast with everything from mediterranean fare (see Kelly's Plate) to your typical English breakfast items for the UK crowd (see my plate)

After breakfast we headed out to our reserved lounge chairs armed with sunblock and books.

Easter weekend is just before the start of the "season" so the place was damned near empty...perfect.

It was a wonderfully relaxing day. No phones. No email. Laying in the sun. Pina Coladas.

....and trips in to the indoor pool, sauna and steam bath!

I'm pretty sure Mike & I gave ourselves some sort of heat stroke by exceeding the daily recommended amount of steam bath and Sauna time by a factor of 4.

We also made reservations for massages the next day!

Friday night the plan was to go to Agia Napa (Ay-ah Napa) which is party central during season.
(like below)

Luckily, again...it was before "season"

As it got later more and more people were out and about, but it was pleasantly un-crowded.

The bars that were open had "specials" to attract what business was around....like the 3 liter tower of any drink you want for $20 !

After dinner with wine and a 3 liter tower of some jungle juice, Mike & Patrice were up for some rock climbing as we headed up to the main square.

Whats up in the main square you ask? Well....more bars and clubs...it is after all party central.

The place we ended up at had a "special" of 2 drinks for the price of 1 and a free bottle of champagne...and a bag of chips...all for $20

A great evening....loads of laughs and easy on the wallet!

The next day we had our previously arranged post-breakfast buffet massages, followed by more laying in the sun and trips to the steam bath.

Then out for a yummy sports pub type of lunch and.......

Chelsea vs Manchester United for first place in the league.

The girls went back to the resort at halftime, which gave Mike and I an hour or so for him to continue my football education and to hang out like men.

Chris: Would you like another beer?
Mike: What I'd really like is to get back into the steam bath.
Chris: You know what, you're right...that steam is doing wonders for my feet...they're so dry.
Mike: Yes, I can't seem to moisturize enough. My elbows are like sandpaper!

Saturday night and our last night in Cyprus. We all went to a local Flambe' restaurant and while the girls and I had delicious steaks....Mike, chose to go with a Pork & Camembert jobbie....look how yummy.

A fantastic sunny, beach vacation with old friends...doesn't really get any better.

Loads and loads of laughs, but unfortunately not enough pictures!

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