13 September 2007

Utterly adorable

Our great nephews wearing a little something we sent home to them.

Luke all cozy and cute in the middle of July. Mama Colleen said he was so excited to receive an unsolicited gift in the mail he promptly donned his new woolly knitwear and kept them on while watching tv for an hour or so.
Jake's got the pout to match his big eyes and jaunty cap.
(The more I see of him, the more I see you in him Collyflower. Lucky kid.)

Thanks Col, for sending these pictures to us. They really made my day!!
Am sharing them with the world at large (or at least those who read our blog) in the hopes of brightening everyone's day.



Becky said...

Too cute!!! Love it

Mrynn said...

Love these two boys! Both are so sweet and adorable.