19 September 2007


Anyone see the resemblance?

Other zoo-day highlights:

These monkeys.This lamp post.

This lady on the street. (Click to see her in all her glory.)

This rose.

This guy.
This sign.

Old ladies selling grapes out of baby prams on the street by calling out unintelligible sales pitches.
One Euro for a bag of seedless grapes?

All in all....a good day. Lotsa laughs. Gorgeous weather. Beautiful and huge Phoenix Park.
That day it really was all happening at the zoo.


Becky said...

I bet that lady then went on to sing "Toppins, Toppins, Toppins a bag!" Grapes for a baby? What kind of trade is that! Maybe if she could turn straw into gold I'd give her my baby.

Love these pics!! That little bear claw sign is delightful. I would of taken a picture as well :)

Alli Arnold said...

thank the lord for the digital camera. i have vivid memories of all of these days, of course, but its so nice to be able to SEE them again.

i sure had some good weather in dublin! wow!