02 November 2007

Just a bunch of downstaters

On a recent 'vacation from vacation' Chris and I took a trip to New York. The first four days were spent upstate peeping leaves and laughing our hineys off in beautiful Ulster county with some of my delightful in-laws.

Yes, I travel with my in-laws, and with much success; only I consider it a vacation with true friends above all else.

This is an annual pilgrimage and this year, as others, we stayed at Captain Schoonmaker's B&B.

Built in 1760 by a Revolutionary war Captain, this place has got all the Eighteenh century bells and whistles. Look at the size of that fireplace!!! You could roast a whole pig in that thing! (Not that I am fond of the idea of roasting any animal whole, kinda skeeves me actually, but that's not the point - is it?)

In the ten years or so that we've been making this upstate journey two things have never happened: 1) we've never stayed in The Big House and 2) we've never brought a man.

2007 - The Year of Change!!!

Chris accompanied myself, his mother Diane, his aunt Kathleen (aka PittyPat) and his sister Alli.

The girls stayed upstairs in the Captain's Quarters... ...while Chris and I had our own private room across the hall.

Innkeepers extraordinaire: Judy & Bill Klock.
And some of their funny chickens. I believe that is Zsa Zsa up front.
I just love this room!!!

A story in three pictures:
"Oh this is SO not enough ice for 4 gin and tonics."
"Yay! We got ice!"

"Mmmmm. Limey G&T's"
Are these not two of the most photogenic people you have ever seen? Even when they are making their goofy faces they look amazing!!

High Falls is such a sweet, quirky village; as evidenced by this signpost.

Other trip highlights?
Autumnal beauty.
The best little shoe store in New York.
I haven't had service like this in a shoe store since my Mom bought me Buster Brown's during back to school shopping in preparation for the fourth grade.
(Bonus: it turns out my hubby is a shoe shopping fanatic - who knew?)
Nature boy Chris standing next to the Peterskill River.
These gossiping ladies
"I don't know what she was thinking wearing those pants?"
"Don't you just love his shoes?"
Three billy Goats gruff these are not.....
Introducing The Three Nanny Goats Adorable.

Whislt pleasure cruising on the twisty country roads all four of us ladies glimpsed these lovelies and we each let out a scream of delight. Much to Chris's credit, he calmly and immediately turned the truck around allowing for this photo opportunity.

Getting Chris to model Halloween masks for us at the drugstore.

You should have seen the look of bewilderment on his face when we first told him that stopping at CVS was one of the annual events that make this trip so special. But once he participated in the squeezing of fun into mundane events he got the gist of the trip and joined right in.

You were a pleasure and a delight to have around, my love.
We should have invited you years ago.
Eating at the Egg's Nest. Mmmmmmm....Thanksgiving sandwich:

"The Thanksgiving - #1 selling sandwich - Thinly sliced turkey breast, apple/walnut stuffing and provolone cheese grilled on egg-battered whole wheat bread. Served with salad, honey-mustard gravy & cranberry sauce"

Yucking it up around the fire in the Captain's Quarters.

On a more sentimental note I'd like to acknowledge how lucky I was to marry into an amazing family and I treasure each and every one of them. This trip is an annual highlight and we always have so much fun; this year was no exception and I look forward to many more to come.


Photo credit for about half of the above goes to Alli Arnold. I am just too lazy to mark which ones.


Alli Arnold said...

HUZZAH! I love this post. I want to do the trip all over again. Even the CVS stop! Why IS that always so fun?

I have my patent leather clogs from Montano's on my feet right now, TO BOOT.

By the way, Kel: does Chris wear his Australian boots? Be honest...

The Shirl who was cutting limes in like every picture

Chris & Kelly said...

Funny you should ask, Chris just wore his Blunderstones today. Perhaps the first time since we've returned? Methinks they need some breaking in.