11 February 2008

The best movies of all time

by Chris

There are many lists out there. Some lists have "The Godfather" as the best movie of all time, but those lists also have "The Empire Strikes Back", "Pulp Fiction", ", Schindlers List" etc in the Top Ten, ignoring older movies. Other lists have "Citizen Kane", "Casablanca", "On the Waterfront", "Lawrence of Arabia", "Singin' in the Rain" and "Gone with the Wind" etc in the Top Ten clearly ignoring some significant, more recent movies.

Bottom line is everyone has their own list of Best Movies of all time...here is another one of mine :


Michele Wood said...
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Michele Wood said...

This is one of my favorites too! I've seen it over a hundred times and yet I still stop to watch it every time it's on TV. GREAT MOVIE!

Anonymous said...

yes i like older movies too man chris it must be nice you and all the girls sitting around watching fried green tomatos drinking white wine and talking about what boys like you lol lol

Anonymous said...

I totally heart this movie. I might have to give this a minute more thought, but I dare say it is #1 of my top ten. Although now I will have to come up with a top ten. Holy. I have to go...theres work to do here.

Anonymous said...

What was the movie ?