13 February 2008


One day while Mike & Bobbie were visiting we met a kitten, the sweetest and friendliest cat I've come across in a long time. We called her Cheese and spent at least a half hour getting and giving cuddles and love. Never mind the ruined abbey and nature trails, Cheese was Glendalough's star attraction that day. In this pic you see the tiny hand of an adorable Czech girl who loved Cheese as much as we did.

It was soooo nice to get a cat fix.
I miss all the kitties I've had in my life, particularly Marley, the last precious honey to own us.
So how thrilled was I to come home after our Cheese encounter and find the following e-mail in my inbox?

Dear Kelly and Chris,

Your cat has won the hearts of her new homeowners. Having had Siamese cats for 20 years we never expected a Tabby to be so communicative. We find it difficult to turn over in bed at night since she has us pinned down and we do not want to disturb her. It’s worse than having a kid in bed with us.

Hope you are enjoying your new life in Ireland. We hiked along the coastline, north of Galway four years ago.

I will never forget my first experience spending a day in the rain crossing a bog.

I hate to report that if you ever return to the states you can not claim Marley.

All the best,


What can I say? It was a real feel-good day. I am eternally grateful to Marley's new Mommy and Daddy, especially since they had never met us and still took in our darling old broad. Also big thanks to our new Mommy & Daddy finder, Clayton.

Marley always felt like she was misunderstood by most, and I tend to agree. It's nice to know she's got new humans that get her.

Here are Marley and Jack in a rare moment of sibling love. Jack lives with his new Mommy, my sister Tina, for the last few years. I am hoping to get a face full of that belly on our trip to F-L-A.

I am not sure if he'll still let me, but a girl can dream, can't she?


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