28 February 2008

St. Augustine

The first part of our sunny adventure was with family in the north of Florida. It was the first time all the Arnolds were in one place in a long time and we all had so much fun.

I could do a whole post on Jack mugging for the camera. I'd call it "Just Jack"
When he wasn't hamming it up, Jack whooped Lawrence's butt in checkers. Jimmy rides shotgun to rub it in.
In addition to being a wisenheimer - Jimmy gives the best hugs. Here he is with Grandpa.
Here's Nino getting some Grandpa action.
Nino's Grandma and Mommy.

Aunt Alli played Fashion Plates with Aunt Pittypat and dolled her up in this fabulous wrap dress. History was made - Chris is actually speechless.

Princess Alli also had fun with Aunt Alli's fashion accessories.

Aunt Jackie doesn't need any help being fabulous, she manages just fine on her own!!

The weather was gorgeous and those of us from chillier climes soaked it up. Chris had the kids playing, you guessed it - lacrosse, on the back lawn.

Taking Nino for a walk, sitting on the back patio watching the golfers go by, leaving the windows and doors open for a nice breeze...it really was nice to be back in Florida.
Mom was a great hostess and Brian, her chef. The two of them in the kitchen put out several great meals and made it look effortless. Here they are serving up breakfast. Thanks to both of you for all the hard work!

Mmmmmm, omelet fixins.

Oh, by the way, Grandpa isn't a Yankees fan AT ALL. He was just feeling chilly and this jacket happened to be lying around. He is actually a VERY BIG FAN of those Amazing Mets. Ain't that right Grandpa?

This might have been my favorite part - watching Aunt Jackie and the kids love all over each other. The five of them form a very tight knit mutual adoration society. This is definitely my favorite picture (credit to Alli Arnold for this and a few others.)

This was just a small representation of all the family goodness we got. It was a great way to begin our vacation but didn't last nearly long enough. Lucky for us we got to see the kids again once we got to the Tampa Bay Area but Chris and I miss both our families so much. You are always in our thoughts and we are already look forward to the next time.



Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a really big taste of family; how wonderful. That's so great that you got everyone together at once. The kids are getting so big and still so cute.

Anonymous said...

That was fun, I wanna do it again!
xoxo Alli

Anonymous said...

Hi Arnold cousins, Aunties, Uncles, Etc. Nice to see all of you even if it is only via "the Blog" .
Love, Helen