03 February 2008

Bobbie&BingoPalooza ends

by Chris

After 9 days or so, Bobbie & Bingo headed home today. We had an action packed vacation that included lots of stuff around Dublin and a trip to Paris..wooohooo!Kelly & Bobbie in Paris

One night we took the ol' rickshaw ride from the top of Grafton Street to Temple Bar. Thats Kelly & I in the front rickshaw...Bingo was of course yelling at his driver to go faster the entire time...lol

B&B at Glendalough

It took lots of practice but Bingo mastered the art of leaving only 3 rings in his pint glass...here is one of his earlier attempts.

A funny story I remembered, on my last day of work in Tampa last year I came in to the office to find that Bingo had encased my mouse in jell-0....you silly bingo.

The first pint at Bruxelles...the bartender once again commented when I came in, "more visitors huh...two pints of Guinness coming right up"

Luckily, Mike's visit coincided with Rainbow week at Trinity College...here he is studying the schedule and seeing which events he wanted to participate in.

A great time was had by all.
More pics to be posted soon...for now, here is your video moment of zen
(2 videos below contain some foul language)

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