15 February 2008

Outreach Moldova

by Kelly

This coming May I will be spending two weeks volunteering in Moldova at an orphanage for disabled girls with a Dublin based charity called Outreach Moldova. Since 2000, this organization has virtually rebuilt a crumbling facility in the former Soviet republic. Conditions found by aid workers before this charity was founded were appalling: ranging from inadequate food and clothing to non-existent medical care and severe neglect.

I urge you to check out Outreach Moldova's website for details on the improvements made in the last seven years and all the amazing work they still do. It is heartwarming to see what they have accomplished: new medical and dental facilities, sanitary and functioning kitchens, living and sleeping areas that are safe, clean and cheerful.

From May through October Outreach Moldova sends volunteer groups for two week trips to the orphanage to assist the staff and provide the girls with much needed love and affection. I'll be going with the first group, leaving Dublin in late May. Wish me luck!!

I can go on and on about the good work this charity does and how excited I am to take part in it but I'll leave you to investigate their website.

One of the requirements for volunteers is fund-raising and I must raise a minimum of €1700 (about $2,400) in order to make the trip. This sponsorship is one of the ways the orphanage is able to continue operating and keep improving the facility.

Please make a donation if you are able. No amount is too small (or too large!) Please use the Paypal "Donate" button on this page so that all contributions can be counted towards the total I must raise. It takes just a few minutes to donate by credit card, no need to create a Paypal account. And if you can think of any other generous souls who might contribute - feel free to pass this on!!

A thousand thanks!!!


p.s. Thanks to H.K. for making the very first donation :)


Becky said...

I wish I could go with you Kelly. This is truly what life is about, helping others and I know you will gain so much from this!!! Good for you Kelly, I bet your parents are so very proud!!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl - as always I am so proud of you - enjoy - the best times in life are when we give our love to others!

Anonymous said...

hey! i was out in hincesti last june and i'm heading back in july...if you want to know anything feel free to email me. sheepkidnapper@hotmail.com