18 July 2007

Ah, the problems of temporary retirement...

The books keep piling up...

...no matter how you stack 'em, it's clear I am ripping through them too fast for my storage capabilities and my budget. Can anyone recommend a nice, thick, juicy page turner? Something long and complicated but addicting, that'll keep me occupied a wee bit longer than usual?

And before sister Helen gets a chance to ask, I'll state that I am trying to join the local library but can't until we get a more permanent address in Dublin. Something we're working on today in fact....stay tuned.



Paul Philips said...

Kelly - as a fellow fast reader I can sympathize with your plight. You've already identified the solution. Use the library. Personally, I enjoy a little book hoarding as evidenced by my now full whole-wall bookshelf in my bedroom. However, the key is to mentally focus on thinking of the library as your personal collection that you let others use. Give them a token donation of some of your books (the ones that you will never read and that are not impressive enough to put on your table to encourage visitors to consider your an intellectual). This will make the library "yours" and you can even visit some of your old books if they make it to circulation.

The only other advice I can think of is to read James Joyce's "Ulysses" which at 1,000 pages and an unbelievable 30,000 different words will last you at least through the summer and probably eliminate any possible need for sleeping aids.


Paul P

Alli Arnold said...

any recommendations for me, shirl?

Alli said...

did you like THE CURIOUS INCIDENT....?
i read that one, thought it was great
i wish you no yellow-car days.

Lizzie said...

The Alienist by Caleb Carr.
Great book, about 500 pages and has a follow up, The Angel Of Darkness.

Chris & Kelly said...

Paul: Can't wait to join the library here, that's always how I ploughed through books in Tampa. Thank heavens for the public library, one of culture's more civilized notions, eh?
As for Ulysses...I am looking for a gripping book, not a gripping headache!! I'll save that tome for grad school if I ever go, and will avoid it then if I can!!

Shirl: Loved "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night."
Sisters...take heed...you'll like this one too.
For you Shirl, in this pile, I might recommend a Marian Keyes book. Really easy, light, beach reading. Funny and Irish and New York and sisters and sexy and all good things like that. I am partial to the ones about the Walsh sisters, there are several. I think "Rachel's Holiday" was my favorite, but they are all good, and you don't need them in any particular order.

Liz: Thanks!! I've written this on my list for my next book store visit. I LOVE when a good book has a sequal!!

Aunt Pitty Pat: If you are reading, I think you'd like Arthur & George by Julian Barnes. Slow but terribly British and thoroughly enjoyable.


Mrynn said...

I have heard of the Alienist. I will put them on my list. I have several good reads at home to read but can't think of the names at the moment.

I just finished The Time Travelers Wife. If you have not read it I highly recommend it. It's a fairly meaty book but a fast read because it is hard to put down.
I was going to put a review on the FWS.

Paul Phillips said...

Ok, here is a book idea: Rainbow's End by Vernor Vinge. Vinge is one of the most forward-thinking writers I've read and I think you'll enjoy the book. Plus, I think it might be out in soft cover if they don't have it at the library.

I just finished In Cold Blood which was powerful but I'm sure that one you devoured long ago. If you like history, I just read Flags of Our Fathers which was quite interesting and horrifying. A quick fun read is Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson, who founded the Virgin conglomerate. That is actually a really fun book to read. I also just read Bermuda, A History of the Island and Her People which I picked up in Bermuda last summer but never finished. The first half, which talks about the early history is great but the latter section starts getting all name-droppy as the writer appears to want to ingratiate herself with current power figures in modern Bermuda. Meh.

There is also, I hear, a certain book about a scar-faced wizard that you might have heard of that is coming out Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Lonesome Dove by larry Mcmurtry.
It WILL probably make you wish you were back in the states and living in Texas about 120 years ago. You MUST read this.
Love, Heln