05 July 2007

Dublin Castle

Dublin castle is just a few blocks away. This is where the English ruled Ireland from for 700 years and I think it's currently used for state functions and stuff like that. We didn't pay the entrance fee so we didn't get the tour (saving that juicy activity for guests) so I'm not exactly well informed at the moment. But we did ramble the grounds a couple times.

Lemme in, it's raining out here!!
The gardens are pretty spectacular.
This celtic knot thingy is laid out with brick paths embedded in the grass. Cool beans - eh?

The main yard.

The chapel and to the right, Dublin Castle's oldest surviving structure, the Records Tower. The tower is 13th century stuff and kind of what we had hoped the whole thing would be like, all medieval and enchanted looking. But instead Dublin Castle is more of a mish-mash of architectural styles, some of them pretty in their own right but not presenting the most attractive or visually pleasing overall picture.
When we take the tour we'll get to see some of the archaeological diggings showing even older stuff: Viking remnants, original city wall pieces, moat action and the like.
But the detail on the chapel is pretty cool, if you go for the heads carved in stone variety. Chris does his best stone head impression...
but can't keep a straight face for very long.

Here's an overview of the whole place.
A garden treasure.

The gardens have these little secret pockets that'll make you gasp as you turn the corner and discover them. This picture is worth clicking to get the full effect.

View from the carriage house.
We just can't get a handle on this paint job. Nothing in Dublin is this brightly colored, why in the world would you choose this color scheme?
It jars the eye and mystifies the senses.


Anonymous said...

when you get a chance to travel west and visit the Ring of Kerry, you'll see this color scheme a lot in the architecture-
what it means I have no idea-
something for you to look forward to- it's beautiful there
love ya
p magee

Anonymous said...

Looks cool. I'd love to explore those gardens, I'm actually going exploring in an "artpark " where I'll be looking for sculptues throughtout.

Janice A. said...

I don't like the colors. It is very distaracting and takes away from the simple beauty of Ireland.