11 July 2007

Oh Canada

July 1st marked Canada's 140th anniversary as a self governing country.
Sort of.

Whatever the case, we were lucky enough to have some Canadian friends to celebrate with. (Read: drink Moosehead with.)

Kelly & Ashley.

Poutine - Canadian comfort food - more info here

Sean & Chris, representin' in funny hats.


Alli said...

kelly: is that a picture of you holding a BEER? did you DRINK the beer? you don't like beer! are you learning to like it?! ireland would be the place to learn...or the northwest! seattle's got crazy beer! i have only had one so far cause im working 12 hour days here! yikes! miss you-

Tina said...

I thought the same thing alli

Chris & Kelly said...

It's cider!!!!! All the beer belly benefits and none of the aftertaste. Yummmmmm.