02 July 2007

A Hooley at Johnnie Fox's Pub

Hooley (noun) - an evening of traditional Irish music & dance

You can see a short video clip of the Hooley on the right...just stop the music playing with the mp3 player underneath it first.

Johnnie Fox's the highest pub in Ireland !

Friends of ours picked us up and we drove down to Glencullen in the Dublin mountains about 30 minutes from the city. At Johnnie Fox's they have traditional music and dancing 7 nights a week, all while you eat a delicious dinner !

To date, its the furthest Kelly & I have been out of Dublin. The mountains are beautiful ! Lush green lanscape and tiny, treacherous country roads..exactly the way you would picture it, but more beautiful.

We'll definately get more pictures next time we're out in the mountains.

The band was great...the Guinness flowed like water and we enjoyed wonderful food including salmon, mussels and fresh local steaks....yummmm

Chris & Sean Gibson aka Gibby

Irish dancing !

More Irish Dancing !

Katie (from Seaford) & Joe (from Wantagh!)

small world huh !

Gibby & Kelly...wearing Gibby's hat

A great time was had by all...next weekend we are all going to Belfast !

I joined a local softball team with Gibby...yes softball...and in 2 weeks we're going to a tournament in Limerick ! wooohoooo !



Anonymous said...

Just curious, does Ireland embrace the designated driver concept ? I had to ask, hope you aren't put out ? Helen

Chris & Kelly said...

Lol, Helzer, no offense taken at all. You always have good questions :)

I think Ireland is struggling with the DWI thing. There is a VERY strong campaign against it. The commercials are moving, graphic, though provoking and pull no punches. Same to be said for the health agency's campaign against binge drinking in general. The few people we've hung out who have cars are very careful and concientious.


Tina said...

My co worker went to the Johnny Fox bar and really liked it. While he was there the table right next to his got busted for drugs. He said they were talking to them all night.