09 July 2007


Dontchya just love when friends of friends become your friends?
A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to make some new friends!!

sidebar: doesn't the word friends sound weird after you say it a bunch? I start doubting my spelling skills, questioning the "ie" placement...maybe it should be an "ei?" Freinds? No, that's not right.
friends. frenz. friends.
When you make a lot of friends at once...is it a friendzy?
When your friends get burnt... do they become frieds?
The mind wanders strange places when you don't work. Anywho, cheers to new friends!!

Chris, Kelly, Sabrina & Max below

Sabrina and Max celebrated his high school graduation with a trip to Edinburgh, Dublin & Paris. Nice!!!
It was a real pleasure getting to know you guys, thanks for letting us be part of your grand tour.

As it was only our third week in country I am not sure we were the best people for the job, but we did our best to show them some of the Dub's sights nonetheless.
In case you guys didn't get pictures of all the pubs, ahem, sights, we showed you, we went a couple days later and got them in the light of day.
Also cause we missed you :)

Above we have The Auld Dubliner, The Temple Bar and Oliver St. John Gogerty's.

There was dinner at the Elephant & Castle, who gets the award for cutest logo

There was traditional music as several of the above, but we only managed to snap a shot of this trim trio at The Purty Kitchen, aka Bad Bobs. These guys did a great mix of acoustic rockers and traditional Irish songs.

Max, Sabrina & Christian at The Purty Kitchen, where we met up with S & M (teehee) after their day of sight seeing and our day of lacrosse.

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Alli said...

there's an elephant and castle in new york city, too! i have always loved the logo, as you know i would.

see you SOON!