03 July 2007

And this happy little tree lives right here...

I have found the Irish equivalent to Bob Ross.
My work here is done.

Stumbling through the mind-blowing array of 10 working TV channels I came across the most decent of chaps, calling himself Harry Feeney, who wouldn't you know it, hosts a show called "Relax with Watercolor."

One way to lose hours on the couch.

What Bob accomplished with a fan brush, Harry masters with a hair dryer and a gentle tipping of the canvas. Hey - we all gotta have our own schtick - eh?

He even offers a "Bob Ross Method" class!!!

You can stay at his Bed & Breakfast and learn to paint! Host a murder mystery! Enjoy a fishing weekend! The list goes on!! Harry Feeney - surely you inhabit the title Renaissance Man, and make it your own. My hat is off to you, sir.

Don't you want to take a class where your can stretch your creative muscle by producing an original work of art that looks exactly like the original work of art produced by your five classmates?
I think you do.

post scriptum
For you die-hard Bob Ross fans, I have done some exhaustive (and exhausting) research on the interweb (consisting mainly of looking "bob ross" up on wikipedia) and have found some fun and informative Bob Ross facts for all to enjoy:

  1. Bob Ross was a vegetarian.
  2. Bob Ross studied engineering in college.
  3. Although Bob Ross adopted and rehabilitated numerous wild animals, Bob Ross did not believe in keeping them as pets. Bob Ross released every animal back into its natural habitat, despite his loving bond with said critters.
  4. Bob Ross stated that his favorite part of painting was cleaning the brush (specifically, the act of knocking paint off the brush head by rapping it against the easel frame). Bob Ross can be seen smiling and even laughing out loud consistently during this practice as he, in his words, "Beat the devil out of it".
  5. Bob Ross did not wear shoes to school until the sixth grade.



Alli said...

I kept on expecting your list of Bob Ross facts to turn into this:

27. Guns don't kill people. Bob Ross kills People.
28. There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Bob Ross allows to live.
29. Bob Ross does not sleep. He waits.
30. The chief export of Bob Ross is Pain.
31. There is no chin under Bob Ross' Beard. There is only another fist.
32. Bob Ross has two speeds: Paint, and paint faster.

Anonymous said...

oh dear- Bob Ross- the master of paint by number and hotel paintings-

I remember the TV over there- is it Hurling season? That's the only thing I remember on TV- and old channel 13 shows-

Becky said...

Chris should be Bob Ross for Halloween!!!

Favorite part of painting is cleaning the brush? What in the devil...my stepdad loves this guy. I bet he smells like moth balls.