07 November 2007

I'm moving in...

Faithful blog readers may remember my complaints about the teeny tiny washer-dryer combos available in the furnished apartments here in my new, fair city. While I am grateful for the ability to do laundry in the comfort of my own home, I do miss my big, American style washing machine and dryer. While in NY I had the opportunity to stuff ALL OUR LAUNDRY, one great big heaping dirty pile of it, in my niece Colleen's mammoth machines. I never suspected that doing laundry could be such a treat.
Thanks Collyflower.

I am a changed woman.
A week's worth of dirty clothes! For two people! All in one load! With room to spare!! Then right from the giant washer to the giant dryer! It all took so little time! I didn't have to put anything on a drying rack! I didn't have to wait two days before starting another tiny little load! God help me - am I developing some sort of weird laundry fetish?? Why was I so excited by this?
Just look at the size of this machine!!
It's like laundry porn!!!



Alli Arnold said...

Oh, Shirl. Maybe now you understand how I became LAUNDRY SHIRL.

("Hey there, Laundry Shirl...")

When you have been denied the ease of doing laundry how you want to and when you want to, in your own home, no less, you seek it out and covet it. When you find it, you are so happy that such a facility exisits that you will even do other people's laundry, happily! That is what happened to me.

(*And Colleen! Nice set-up!!! :)

And I should note: as I type this, I have wet gloves that I had to handwash sitting on the heater beside me. Sigh. Bras hanging in the shower, gloves on the windowsill...

ONE DAY I will have my own washer/dryer. And it will be NICE.


Chris & Kelly said...

Shirl - I KNEW you'd get this entry and enjoy it. I totally understand where you are coming from now, what with the car-less city living and all. Things that excited you that I never understand now hold the same thrill. Laundry! Trips to Target! Going to the grocery store in a car!


Becky said...

My brother Chad has these mammoths as well! Lets start Washer and Dryer appreciation Day! Hip Hip Hooray! Go Tumble Dry, Go Tumble Dry..its your birthday....

And Kelly I swear I thought the other day to myself "I bet Kelly misses Target".

Anonymous said...

I feel like a washer/dryer hog but truthfully these babies are very effecient. I am most impressed w/ the short the drying time. I'm glad you guys were able to use them Kel. I just wish we could solve the P. Diddy bag mystery.