04 November 2007

Something we missed

Our original New York trip was for two weeks and included a night in NYC for niece Julia's cd release party. I haven't seen her play live in over a year, I've never seen her with a full backup band, the erstwhile Hallelujah Peddlers, and I've yet to see her father / my brother accompany her on harmonica (or mandolin for that matter) so you can probably imagine how much the show was going to be a highlight of our trip. Alas, the best laid schemes of mice, men and myself often go awry and we missed week one of our 'vacation from vacation' and thus missed the show as well.

Not sure who to credit for this picture or if it was even from that show....but here they are...the coolest of the cool: Emmet & Julia Haltigan. Check her out, she's awesome (and I am not just saying that because she is my niece.)

Oh, and Em-bob's not too shabby himself. (love you bruthah)



Anonymous said...

What a great, great picture!

Becky said...

Beyond Cool...seriously. If I could have 1/8 of her coolness I would be happy. I love her music ..."And all I can think of is you baby...all I can think of is you"

P.S. listening to one of her mixed cds right now!