18 November 2007

Pure Imagination

Quite possibly the best thing ever invented....Photoshop!

While I'm not a photoshop guru, it does come in handy to have an artist sister who is.

Thats her on the left...Hello little 5 year old Alli with 5 year old Kelly !

Many of you might remember the post from June about everyone doing the Errol Flynn salute (click here to read the old post). I also mentioned an Errol Flynn photoshop contest which never materialized...except for one entry, which would have won no matter how many entries.. look at this beauty

Holy Cow ! Dale IS Errol Flynn ! Once again, Alli Arnold makes Photoshop magic !

Then, as if that wasn't good enough, she makes this one of my brother, Brian Hood

Hello Brian of the Loxley.
Lol....then there are always the special jems Alli sends me like our family morphed into Wonka world... even Alli's dog Nino is an oompa loompa.

I forget who made the picture below of Tony, Clayton and I...but it still cracks me up. Actually, any photoshopped pic cracks me up.

I snapped this pic in our backyard in Tampa.

Ahh the old Bingo and Rob as babies...Rob, you have some drool on your shoulder.

JediMasters Chris & Ken

For those of you who are StarWars fans, if you havent seen the Family Guy do Star Wars yet it is quite possibly the funniest Family Guy episode yet.

You can watch it for free at Great Stuff TV , season 6 the episode is called Blue Harvest...2 parts


Alli Arnold said...

Yay! The Photoshop post! I would be nothing without it.

Oh, I wish little 5 year old Alli and little 5 year old Kelly had met at that age... we would have had 13 more years of Shirlin'.


Becky said...

You two are the cutest lil' shirls ever! Where would the world be without photoshop? Honestly? Best invention ever.