11 November 2007

Laundry was nice....

...and the cake was delicious but...
...the highlight of sleeping over Colleen and Mike's house on my birthday?

Watching Luke lick the icing spoon.
Luke's highlight?
Blowing up the aero bed all by himself.



Alli Arnold said...

adorable, the both of you. little luke is a champ! i heart him.

Becky said...

Its impossible for him to be any cuter!

Anonymous said...

Guess what?! He's got Julia, then Michael and now his guitar and he's already told us he is NOT giving it to Jake because HE LIKES IT! He practically sleeps with it and has already memorized the names of the strings and Beanie and Papa Jack are giving him guitar lessons! 3 for his birthday (but we'll give them to him Thanksgiving and he will start that Saturday to make sure he likes them and can do it) and if they are successful than we'll continue as his Christmas gift. If any 4 almost 5 year old can play the guitar; it will be Luke!