28 November 2007

Just Another Thursday Night

So I ended up going to the Lucinda Williams show on Thanksgiving. It was pretty good, but didn't quite live up to my expectations. Not faulting Lucinda for this, more my own lack of familiarity with her work and our almost-late arrival - which necessitated a spot in the way back of the venue which was more crowded then I expected. I think to truly appreciate LW you gotta be up front, soaking up her whiskey-voiced stories and moody songs. So - no rave reviews but I ain't panning her performance either. She did a damned fine job and I'd see her again if the opportunity arose.

And now onto the real highlight of the night.....

...Suzanne's Shiny Red Shoes!!!

Oops, I mean....Hanging Out With Suzanne!!

(while she was wearing her fabulous red shoes!!!)

For real though - for those back on the farm, lemme introduce you to a hot, little blonde number I have been lucky enough to become friends with. Suzanne hails from Cork and has the cutest accent to prove it, we met her through the softball team and she has been nothing but sweet and warm and funny and genuine to us from day one.

She's got a big heart to boot and I consider myself fortunate to count her among my new friends. (awww, I'm feeling all mushy tonight - can you tell?) I know I've spoken about volunteering in Moldova to some of you (look for a blog post about it soon) well Suze is the girl that did it this past summer and has inspired me to do it with her again this May. Two weeks at an orphanage for special needs kids - didn't I tell you Suzanne was something special?

And she's got these SHOES!!!
Bonus repeat leggz picture
Get a load of those gams!! And that peaches n' cream skin!!!



Becky said...

Kelly you crack me up! Those are some hot little shoes though! Helping special need children? I want to go too!

Anonymous said...

Holy uncomfortable batman!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can state for the record those shoes are very comfortable and have since had another outing!