12 November 2007

My Two Little Saviors

Never underestimate the power of a hot-pak.

Hot bags of herbs.
They are our friends.



Anonymous said...

What do you do w/ them? Would it make a good Christmas gift? I need more info.

Alli Arnold said...

Baby this evening
I need HOT HERBS baby tonight
Yes, yes, I want some HOT HERBS baby this evenin'
I want some HOT HERBS baby tonight

Yes, yes, yes now HOT HERBS baby
I need your HOT HERBS baby tonight
I want some HOT HERBS baby this evenin'
God, I need your HERBS tonight...

Miss you!

Becky said...

I still have my hot bag o' herbs you gave me Kelly! They truly are little saviors!

Chris & Kelly said...

Put 'em in the microwave for a couple minutes than apply wherever you need heat. mmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Hot for what? I still need more info. When do you guys use them? Give me the sales pitch for hot herbs.

Anonymous said...

Like a heating pad, good for aches and pains and cramps or to just warm some cold tootsies.

Chris & Kelly said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself, Eileen. Just threw two of them under the covers at the bottom of our bed last night as we brushed teeth etc. Automatic toasty toes!!

And yes, Anon, they make a wonderful little Christmas gift.

and Shirl - I almost peed when I sang your song. Lol!!

Anonymous said...

So they are like Jaegermeister in a bag?
Those crazy Europeans!