16 June 2007

Doing the "Errol Flynn"

First of all, if you're not a huge fan of Errol Flynn in "The new adventures of Robin Hood" from 1938...or If maybe you've never seen it...watch the preview below. (You can pause the blog music on the mp3 player to the right) This is a must see movie.

During our going away party weekend at St Pete Beach, my brother Brian had us all doing the hand gesture that he is doing in the welcome video here on the blog... he credits it to Errol Flynn. If you watch the previw carefully, near the beginning Robin Hood swings onto a log and gives us all the Errol Flynn ! I couldnt find any more clips or pics of him doing the ol' Errol Flynn salute, the movie is from 1938 ! I will be scouring the internet to see if he did it in any other movies though.

You can do the Errol Flynn as an opening or closing to any statement...go ahead try it (I just did it when I typed that)...its addicting. Everyone is doing it ! ( I just did it again!)

Thats me doing the "Errol Flynn"...I did it about 10,000 times that weekend.

Just about everyone was doing the Flynn !

Kenny Graz and I doing the Flynn while Jeb pretends he's a model..geez Jeb, get with the program...do the Flynn thing! Ken was dropping Flynns left and right !

Dale does the Errol Flynn while I eat the delicious going away steak he made me... Tony looks like he's getting full. Apparently too full to do the damn Flynn...come on Tony !

Dale is an expert Errol Flynner...in fact people might actually think he IS Errol Flynn !

Someone Photoshop a Robin Hood hat on Dale and send it to me so I can post it. Hell, we should make it a contest to see who do the best job !

I will post the results in a few days...everyone get on it !

Kirk showed up late after flying in from New Orleans...heres a Big Flynn for you Kirk !

More pics to come from the going away party, and all the other stops on our 28 road trip to Ireland... Stay Tuned ! (just gave you all another Flynn for good measure!)

(Just did it again!)


ANNA-LYS said...

LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Alright so who was the first to get a chest tatoo, Chris or Brian?

Anonymous said...

Actually I've seen the movie countless times because growing up it was one of my Dad's favorites.
Not that we had a VCR or anything until I was like 16, but if he caught it on reg TV, we were watching it. That was his christmas present last year-DVD