08 June 2007

To back track a little....

Catching up on another stop while we were on tour....Albany, NY with Ann, Bj, Eva and Jonah.

Ann and B's house is super duper excellent. A lovely cape on a big ol' piece of property in a spectacular neighborhood. They've been doing work on this lil' beauty for the last couple of years and it looks amazing: warm, comfy, homey, spacious and welcoming. Thanks so much guys for putting us up in style!!
The men played golf while we womenfolk played kids.
The four of us took a great hike on the Indian Ladder trails at Thatcher park. We even found a newt!!

B and Mini B.
When Chris spied Bj's ride-on mower he just HAD to take her for a spin. Luckily the Hymes lawn needed mowing so Chris did the job gleefully and earned the Arnold's keep for our two day stay.

Ok....I don't know where to begin with this little character. Finding a good picture to post of Eva the Diva to post was not the hard part, picking which shots was. Eva and I had a photo shoot while Momma took care of some business with Jonah. This cheeky little pip is THE definition of a ham. I could gush on and on - we had so much fun together and could have kept at it for hours more. Just check out the few pics I selected.....

This little guy is just the opposite of his sister. Look how easily you can get lost in his deep brown eyes. Jonah is a little more quiet, a little slower to warm up, a thoughtful observer. When he finally did reward me with a smile and affection it was twice as precious as it felt that I had earned it from a wise old soul. I can't wait to see how he contends with his superstar older sister....I think they will both give eachother and the 'rents a run for the money.

Me and my muse.

Thanks again to the Hymes family, we had a great stay and it was so good for my soul to spend some time with you guys. The only downer was that Pattie wasn't feeling up to the trip and we couldn't have a Skwewers reunion. Luckily we did get to stay with Pattie and Vic while on the island...check for future post!!


Anonymous said...

Don't make me an egg!!!
I wish I was there more than you know. The "skewers" will reunite someday; I know it!

Becky said...


I want an Eva the Diva of my own!!!

Love the pics!!!

tina said...

Ann & BJ look great & the kids are so cute. I love the photos & the way you describe them. Wish I could meet them in person.