24 June 2007

Saturday Night

Last night we went to our first show in Dublin. Hopefully the first of many :)
Holly Golightly was playing - yippee!! Her current musical incarnation is Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, which consists of her and a talented chunk of handsome calling himself Lawyer Dave. They got a great dirty, bluesy sound, less girl-garage-british-invasion and more muddy Mississippi delta.

The self proclaimed Homespun Duo.
Check them out.

Lawyer Dave on guitar and drums.

We saw them at this wee little club called Crawdaddy's, a really intimate place for a show. It's on Harcourt Street, only a 10 minute walk from here. The crowd was surprisingly small, maybe about 70 people. Last night they didn't even have the balcony open. I was able to slither right up front and stayed there, enthralled and entertained, for the whole show. (This pic is taken from the point of view of the stage....so tiny!!)
Here's the bar just attached to the Crawdaddy's (which is the white door on the left) called the Lounge Bar. Don't know if you can tell but the whole place is a giant stone arch, felt a bit like being in a castle. Both Crawdaddy's and the Lounge Bar are part of a complex of different sized venues. Lots of live music options!!

After the show we grabbed a bite to eat then met one of the lacrosse lads and his girlfriend at this place above, called The Barge. Located across the street from the Grand Canal, hence the name. Big ol' bar, lots of seats, dancing, loud music - this joint was jumping. We had a few pints and lots of laughs and totally enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to Michael and Patrice for the good time. It was raining as we left, actually rained on and off all night, but it wasn't all that bad walking home, as we were prepared. Harcourt Street has lots of bars and clubs on it and most of the way home we were entertained seeing people spill out of the clubs and into the rain, trying to protect their club looks.
And that ended a very successful Saturday night.



Anonymous said...

Like oh my god you were actually in the front!!! hehehe
Sounds like a cool night- what did Chris think of the show?
We had a crazy night last night as well- Grandpa watched the boys over night!! I'll elaborate in e-mail-

Ryan said...

I saw those guys at Ozzfest 2 years ago. They killed.

Becky said...

And so it begins! Hopefully the first of many concerts :) Where Kelly truly is most comfortable !!

Anonymous said...

Live music is one of life's large pleasures. Sounds like fun !
From Helen

Jim Rydill said...

Prepared because of some chunky rain jackets!!!

Chris & Kelly said...

Jimmy Rydill!! Would you believe I have a future blog post banging around in my head dedicated specifically to your awesome rain jackets??? Seriously, mine has personally saved me from being soaked through and bedraggled countless times. Ranks among the top, most useful gifts ever!! Miss you :)