22 June 2007

A very bad decision

I did a very stupid thing today.
I bought these ridiculously high heeled boots.

I sense you are not sufficiently appalled.
Here, lemme give you an establishing shot.
To show both the scale of these heels and the scale of my error.
You get it now, dontchya?
Who do I think I am??

In my defense, it was pouring all day, and I was feeling antsy and out of sorts. You might even say I was feeling low. So I mistook myself for some other girl and thought a little retail therapy would cheer me up, I actually forgot that I loathe shopping. But I've had it stuck in my head since I've gotten here that I am woefully under-supplied in the boot department.
Actually I am woefully under-supplied in the "girly shoe" department all together. Witness the current working collection of shoes that I wear.

Anywho - add to this scenario that it's summer and nobody is selling boots...and I guess we have the makings of a pretty predictable error in judgment.
So I bought the ridiculous boots. And insisted on wearing them tonight, in the pouring rain, as we made our way across town and back again to the apartment of a coupe lacrosse guys who invited us over for some homemade chili. Let's just say if it weren't for the aftereffects of the chili propelling me homeward, I may not have made it.
My feet feel like two wounded bunnies right now
Lucky for my little rabbits I showed an astounding amount of foresight while shopping today and I also bought these beauties. Everyone can breathe easy knowing the bunnies are resting comfortably and recuperating quite nicely at the present moment.
And in case anybody was feeling the need for scale on the slippers...here's a pic for you.


Colleen said...

Kelly you are too freakin funny. The choice of song playing w/ this entry is perfect.
This is the second time I've been on the blog today. I was so delighted to see a new entry. I'm addicted. Keep em coming.

tina said...

Kelly you are so cute....

Mrynn said...

Love the post - funny and clever. Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Needless to say, those boots are not meant for walking..............
Maybe you should wear them when Chris makes those romantic dinners?

Anonymous said...

Those boots are cute but not made for a whole night of bar/club/dinner/friend hopping. You have to wear them when you are going one place only, and know you might be seated some time or at least not tons of walking. Seriously, with girly shoes there is a definite method to their madness. You'll get it, your just probably out of practice. tee hee


Becky said...

Kelly I am proud of you. I am a proud supporter of retail therapy and I think these are HAWWT!!! Now...for some real laughs on this blog, go put those on with some shorts and lets see how they look then.

(I always get a chuckle out of boots/shorts combo's...its nothing personal!!) :)

Anonymous said...

Now march right back to that store young lady and return those outlandish boots !
( to be read in a mama Rita voice, from Helen )

Anonymous said...

i love how you used an EMPTY bottle of wine to show the scale of your error. the empty bottle looks somewhat guilty standing there beside the hot boots, a little bit like an ACCESSORY to the crime...
and then said bottle of wine looks like a soothing friend next to the brown fuzzy slippers- funny, because he barely changed his expression...lol.
keep making friends with irish lacrosse players that make chili- i'll be there soon.

Ann said...

A suggestion for the C&K Blog suggestion box. This story needs a follow up.. "Kelly takes her heels on the steets of Dublin."
or "Kelly gone wild!" According to Harper's Index, the average increase in the protrusion of a woman's buttocks when she wears high heels is 25%.
just something important for you to remember.
love A.

Chris & Kelly said...

Shirl....you get me. Completely and utterly.

A - butt protrusion was exactly what I was aiming for. Gimp was not. I ain't taking these bitches out for a while yet, but when I do, I'll be sure Chris documents it on camera for your entertainment. Perhaps a narrated Steve Irwin style mock-u-mentary? Crikey!!

To one and all, thanks again for reading and commenting and laughing and supporting when I am silly and self indulgent. This blog has become a social lifeline of sorts, a mood booster, a creative outlet, a reason to kick Chris off the 'puter.

exxes and ooooohs