16 June 2007

~~~~~Happy Fathers' Day~~~~~

I dunno if you get high speed internet.....but I know you are with me, one way or the other. I can only hope you are proud, or at least satisfied, with who I have become. Deeply religious and unwavering in your commitment to your ideals, I always admired the strength of your convictions. You were a contradiction in terms in the best possible ways: subtly hilarious, humbly proud, quietly strong.
Plus you were cute as a button.

You cheerfully bore being the father of eight daughters, and two sons, something that might break a lesser man.
You inspired others.
Emmet's Park in the Poconos, PA. Built as an homage to my Dad by nephews, sons, grandsons, sons-in-law. (Thanks Ryan!!)

I carry you in my heart always, but I've also been carrying this picture around Dublin with me, Dad. You and Mom are the bookmark in our guide book. You are seeing the sites with us. I think you'd approve.
You are not only my bookmark, but my benchmark. You showed me what love, adoration and devotion looked like.
You gave me my unruly blond hair AND an appreciation for skinny, dorky guys in the military. I am eternally grateful for the latter as for the former...well it has its good and bad days.

I cling to a few mental snapshots of you - most involve you talking to yourself, hand gestures and all. Wish I had the chance to hear all the imaginary conversations you had, I imagine they were full of your unique combination of gentle wisdom and sharp wit. I often find myself in solo conversations and it gives me a giggle, I know at least I come by it honestly.
I love you and miss you, Happy Fathers' Day to you.



tina said...

Kelly...you're doing it again....making me cry...well said as always about a great man. I am wearing his old "goodoldblatzisback" T-shirt & looking at old pics of him & having a beer in is honor....because you know..."In heaven there is no beer..thats why we drink it here..." Love you Dad

Casey said...

I miss grandpa so much... and he truly is an inspiration in my life and the type of person I aspire to be. Great post and I love all the pictures kel.

Becky said...

Yep, I'm in tears now too. He's proud Kelly, I have no doubt :)

Mrynn said...
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Mrynn said...

What a beautiful tribute to our wonderful Father. L love all the pictures. I still miss him so much. I have said this before and will say it again - you truly have a gift with words Kel. I had to hold back the tears because I am at work.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures-especially the one with your cute little mom. He was the best! I always enjoyed picking you up at your house and seeing your parents. (and your sisters too!! hi girls-- oh and Tommy too! Emmet wasn't around then.)
I can't forget his hat changes at the block parties either. love you- Pattie