12 June 2007

An Luan (Monday)

Another day (Day 6) of exploring and wandering about. We started our day with a nice breakfast. Kelly had a plain croissant and a cappuccino (boring!), I of course had....

A yummy, traditional Irish Brekkie ! A place down the street serves a nice breakfast like this, minus the black pudding (Blood sausage), for 7.50 Euro with coffee...delicious ! I'm telling you, baked beans with breakfast are a great freakin idea !

After breakfast we went to the Dublin Tourism office, nice building huh ?

We got a bunch of maps and then decided to familiarize ourselves with all the types of local transport....

The light rail/tram (LUAS) Luas is Irish for Speed

The DART trains (Dublin Area Rapid Transit)

and the Dublin Buses

We walked around to the closest stops for each method of transport and got a feel for the system. I have to take my first bus ride on Thursday night to lacrosse practice about 5 miles south at University College Dublin.

We then walked around Merrion Row and Merrion Square. There are a lot of good examples of Georgian & Victorian architecture and it was once again a lovely day.

Kelly in the park with the famous statue of Oscar Wilde who grew up on Merrion Row.

It was a beautiful day in the park, look at al the happy Irish children !

Monday was also the 5th day past the delivery date for my lacrosse gear. Apparently, customs has been holding my lacrosse bag thinking I might be trying to import stuff to sell without paying the tariff. I informed the woman on the phone it was my personal gear and not for resale. She wasnt so sure about that so i told her to open the bag....who the heck wants to buy used, smelly lacrosse gear. They have yet to deliver it...I will be complaining to UPS as soon as I get my stuff. I paid $400 to ship that stuff so I would have it for last Thursday's game. They told me it would be no problem, when I checked prior to shiping and they have been zero help thus far with this customs thing... Thanks UPS.



Becky said...

For some reason that statue of Oscar Wilde creeps me out. He's in the "come hither" pose....

And Chris the last thing you need to be doing is eating beans first thing in the morning! bwhahahahah

Seriously though, its looks beautiful there!! :)

Chris & Kelly said...

Beans are good for you Becky !

Beans and coffee will keep you regular !

Unless of course it gives you a "dose of the scutters", as they say here.

Paul Phillips said...

Hey guys! what a great place. Glad you are safe and sound. Good luck with UPS, Chris. I can't tell you how many times I showed up at the St. Pete airport at 8:55 to find a locked door with a "We close at 9" sign firmly affixed (F U Style) to the glass" and a package that had to go out that night OR ELSE. They suck. Next time you'll know to use FedEx. You can use my account.

I popped a Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dark in your honor last night as I watched the season premier of "Big Love" my creepy polygamy show.

Too bad you are not here - I went out for a beer with [the short guy who used to live in our neighborhood who works for an investment bank not to be named who had an office next to mine] and he was as "fun" as ever. It was "almost" as fun as getting a Guiness with you!

When I get rich I'm coming to visit!

Chris & Kelly said...

For a shot of pure joy, click the picture with the kids in the park for a better view. If we had a picnic blanket I would have insisted on plunking down right there on the spot to enjoy their antics running up and down the hill.

Chris & Kelly said...

Beck - Oscar's body language may say "come hither" but his legacy of quotes is legendary....second only to our fearless lacrosse leader, Kirk Smith, as most quotable man of the millennium.

Here's my current favorite:
Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.

Stop touching my balls said...

Beans and Oreos for breakfast make food baby happy. Kelly, get with the program. your food belly demands it.

LOL Cat said...

Also, shirl would want you to visit this page: