15 June 2007

The street lamps of Merrion Square

While strolling through Merrion Square Park, looking for entertainment after the Street Performers' Festival crapped out on me, I noticed this little beauty...

and then this one...

after the third charmer I realized something was afoot.

I did some Sherlock Holmesian type investigation, which consisted mainly of walking around and reading one park sign...

and I discovered Merrion Square Park is home to the one and only exhibit of "The Street Lamps of Dublin Through the Ages" (or maybe just the last one hundred years, frankly, I don't really know, and if you want better information you'd be better off talking to the Irish tourism board.)
Some of these ould souls weren't exactly in working condition...
but their bones were good, just the same.

Some felt only their knickers were worth showing,

While others let it all hang out,
despite being a lil' worse for the wear.
Some of these gals hid shyly, trying to camouflage themselves, ashamed of their dilapidated state,
while others wore their ages on their sleeves.

And my favorites, the Miss Havishams of the group, put their holiday finery on despite their age and state of disrepair. After all, a party is a party, and she'll be damned if she's going to miss it for the sake of a broken pane of glass or two.



Anonymous said...

This blog is the notebook you were destined to write. youre wearing "living in the moment" like Josephine Baker in a banana skirt. Love it! Enjoyed the page staring Eva, she just adores you. I do too.
love A.

verticalbones said...

Hi folks. Returning the favour by stopping by your own blog.

Congrats on making the move to Ireland, hopefully you'll have zero regrets like ourselves!

All the best,

jknecht AT itsligo DOT ie

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ann- And at least with this notebook we have immediate gratification of passing it back and forth-
Remember our old black and white?
Where is that anyway-
pattie magee